Body and Soul

How many of you out there are feeling a bit drained? You keep up with your days somehow, yet you can feel your energy fading, more, and more, and more….

Doing something for your body and soul is a human reset and necessary to endure the days ahead. Whether you pamper yourself with a long soak bath or take out a journal and start to write or doodle, these can be simple pleasures that open your heart. The art of simple expression can give your life a bit of an ‘ahhhhh’ moment. 



Some may think – ‘… who’s got time for such rubbish? I’ve got things to do, places to go, and people to care for.’ Perhaps. But do you really think that others don’t perceive the depleted energy you bring into the room with you? They do.

Like planting a seed in a garden, your soul also needs nourishment and tending to grow and survive. Is this the day you take a drive to one of your favorite places? Spend a few extra minutes in your garden? Turning on music that makes you dance? 

Give your heart lightness. Be gentle as you see yourself run down by the day. Let tomorrow’s lists be tomorrow’s lists and not the things that keep you up at night. Take a walk and let yourself pause at the sight of daffodils or tulips. When you return, resist the same old thought, “back to reality…” when life has been so busy. Instead, focus on gratefulness for the beauty that you’ve seen. 

Filling up your spirit should not be a task. Instead, embrace the opportunity to feel your heart smile and watch the smile on those you care for be a sweet byproduct.



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