Compassion Circles

Compassion Circles create connections and support you wherever you are on your care journey.

You are not alone.

Compassion Circles

Our Compassion Circles are open to anyone interested in exploring new dimensions of healing and self-exploration as a part of their journey to care for themselves. Compassion Circle activities and events are complimentary and available to caregivers of all types.

Workshops and Courses

Whether or not we are caring for others, we must always care for ourselves. Our Compassion Circle workshops and courses are fee-based and open to anyone interested in a deeper exploration of their inner selves.

One-on-One Support

When you need that extra bit of support, our trusted professionals are here to help.

 Cultivate a positive mindset, set meaningful goals, and develop practical strategies for overcoming obstacles with a professional Life Coach.

Mindful-Self Compassion encompasses a series of meditative practices aimed at offering ourselves comfort and care when experiencing a hard time. When we allow ourselves to rest in this practice, we find access to unconditional care, support, and even nourishment from within.

 Grief is the pain that we feel in the absence of what we desire. A Grief Coach can accompany you as you go through the process. Schedule time to consciously look at your grief 1-on-1.

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