Breathing Spaces Professional Caregiver Program

A Team of Professionals

Building off our years of experience assisting Family Caregivers, Breathing Spaces has expanded its team to include accredited professionals to develop a foundational life skills program that empowers Healthcare Professionals to observe and respond to stressors more effectively. The Breathing Spaces Professional Care-Giver program is designed to work in tandem with healthcare employers to support their employees to create a deeper level of life balance.

Providing Support for Other Care Professionals

While the nature of Healthcare Professionals’ relationships with their patients is different than that of a Family Caregiver, they face many of the same emotional, mental, and physical challenges.

Our programs are built on the understanding that if professionals are assisted in developing the skills to increase their well-being, the result will be more satisfied and engaged employees with a higher level of passion for the quality of care given to the patients they serve. This, in turn, leads to improved overall patient outcomes.

Additional benefits for healthcare organizations include attracting new employees, increasing employee retention, and providing more focused care.

Enhancing Patient Care

Simple and easy to implement into daily living, the Breathing Spaces platform includes a wide variety of video, audio, written, and direct face-to-face services allowing professionals to access support when and how they need it. Individuals can benefit from the programs by integrating them into their professional and personal lives, allowing them to create a more balanced way of living. This methodology provides enhanced patient care while allowing caregivers to enjoy a more peaceful personal life.

And Creating Balance

The need to provide support for Professional Caregivers’ well-being has never been greater, and Breathing Spaces is proud to be able to champion healthcare industry companies, professionals, and, most importantly, at the center of it all, their patients.

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