Sometimes you simply need a space to catch your breath.


 If you're helping to care for a loved one, regardless of whether they live with you or not, then you are part of a growing community of family caregivers.

Family caregiving is not for the faint of heart. It can be all-consuming, extremely exhausting, emotionally draining, and often with little or no replenishment for the family member who now finds themselves in the role of caregiver. They often end up in their role without notice, when a family member who was once able to care for themselves finds that their journey has taken them to a point where they are no longer able to do so in the capacity they were used to.

How do you balance and blend the role of traditional family member (son, daughter, husband, wife) with the emotional and physical demands of caregiving? There is no map of exactly how to navigate through something that you’ve never been prepared for. Resources are available but where do you start?

Feeling alone and lost is often the case.

Why the program is valuable to Family Caregivers:

Breathing Spaces gives you opportunities to speak your truth in a caring environment of people that ‘get it.’ Whether it is crying, laughing, venting or finding resources, this community enables members to realize they are not alone.

Having a group of people that are walking in your shoes, along the path with you, relieves stress and allows the caregiver to breathe. Providing resources, seminars and activities gives the caregiver the ability to feel supported, to get together to talk or to just ‘be’ with people who understand.

How it works:

If you are taking care of a loved one or friend, you are welcome to join. Our Affiliate Organizations host walks in your area; seminars and outings are featured as well.  By signing up for the Breathing Spaces newsletter you will receive weekly blogs right to your in box and have access to the full calendar of events. Additionally we offer inspirational support as well as a private support group on Facebook.

Why join Breathing Spaces Family Caregiver Support Group? 

As a former family caregiver for my Mom, I understand the needs of what you are going through. There are ups and downs on this journey, and I know from personal experience that connecting with a network of people walking the same path can make a significant difference. 

Breathing Spaces Family Caregivers Support Group on Facebook is a private group set up for you to connect with other family caregivers regardless of who you are caring for or your/their location. This group is not visible to anyone else and people can join only with an invitation. This allows discussions to happen with others to give you support whether it is emotional or need for resources. It is our hope this gives you an additional way to B-R-E-A-T-H-E and know you are not alone on your journey. 

Cyndi leads the Breathing Spaces group on a walk hosted by Bay Area Cancer Connections.

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