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From The Silicon Valley Voice

“Cyndi Mariner knows first-hand what it is to care for dependent loved ones 24/7 with no experience, few resources, and no time even to breathe.

The Sunnyvale resident watched her mother care for her unwell father. After he passed, Mariner cared for her mother, watching her decline cognitively then physically. Her brother had heart issues and moved in with them.”


“I wanted to send along a huge thank you to all of you for what you have added to my life over the past year.  Upon reflecting on 2023, I am so grateful for all the Breathing Spaces programs in which I was involved.  Every care circle, journal entry, breathing session and encouraging sentiment helped to keep me going and grounded.  I have learned, grown and been a better caregiver both to others and myself as a result of all your efforts. Thank you for all you do.  It makes a huge difference in my life.”

~Christine, Caregiver

“While every caregiving situation is different, the one thing we all need to know is that WE ARE NOT ALONE. If you are a family caregiver, you need to join the Breathing Spaces “family”. The daily Facebook inspirations give my spirits a much-needed boost and the weekly blogs are both informative and motivational. Having a safe place to vent, share and give/receive support via the CLOSED Facebook group is absolutely golden!”

~Tracey, Caregiver

“Thank you Cyndi, for the blog. Your program is so vital for all of us. Hearts to you!”

~Jane, Caregiver

“I was so glad to have taken some time for myself and attend the self care for caregivers workshop. I learned it doesn’t have to be all or nothing, doesn’t have to be perfect. I think we forget that as caretakers sometimes and try to get everything just right.”

~Ann, Caregiver

“Thank you for your kindness… I think I just needed to tell someone about this. We do have children, both grown with families of their own so I hate to bug them all the time. Just writing this has helped me breath again. Thank you again for being there when I needed someone.”

~Shirley, Caregiver

“You are a wealth of important and vital information for my survival!”

~Pat, Caregiver

“I want to let you know that I have found your events to be very helpful. They truly came at a critical time for me where I have been feeling very overwhelmed and conflicted on how to proceed with my Mom’s care. Again thank you so much for organizing these support meetings. I have gotten some good insights and perspectives. Look forward to the next meeting.”

~Frances, Caregiver

From Our Partners

“Partnering with Breathing Spaces has been of immense value. Cyndi is a great person to work with, and we truly believe in her and the support she provides to caregivers. She shares information on our business and promotes our workshops, leading to an extremely beneficial partnership. Thank you Cyndi!”

~L’Anja Barbic, Executive Director,
Janis Carney Law 

“The walks (and now virtual retreats) have been a wonderful resource for those who are caregivers for our clients, as well as for our clients who are not only trying to manage their own diagnosis or treatment but are also the caregiver for a loved one. We are grateful to partner with Breathing Spaces to offer our community of caregivers and clients a way to care for themselves, and in turn, those they love.”

~Colleen Carvalho, LMFT,
Director of Programs and Services,
Bay Area Cancer Connections

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