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Creative Compassion
for Caregivers

Using Art Making for Mindfulness, Connection, and Care

Brought to you by Catherine Harris, ATR-BC, RYT200 Art Therapist, Meditation Teacher, and Yoga Instructor


What does it mean to be fully supported? To be held even? More importantly, what does it feel like? Whether it’s work, or parenting, or caregiving, so often we take on roles in life aimed at supporting and holding others. Yet within this very natural human desire to do the best we can and care for those we love, it can be common to lose ourselves in the process. The fact is, we have to be able to fully connect with ourselves in a loving and compassionate way before we can continue to offer the same to others.

And that’s exactly what this 4-class series aims to do — set aside time and space for you to explore simple and practical ways to reconnect with yourself and offer some much-needed compassion. Each class will use art making, creativity, and meditation to learn about and practice different aspects of Mindful Self-Compassion.

Why art making? Because the process of art making is inherently mindful. It keeps our attention in the here and now in a gentle and playful way. In addition, the process of art making is inherently kind. Connecting with this creative part of ourselves helps us express and honor what is arising within us as well as practice responding with care.

Why Mindful Self-Compassion? Because sometimes we have to hold ourselves, before we can hold our experiences and before we can hold others. In practicing these creative avenues of mindful attention, we can learn simple and effective ways to find unconditional care, support, and even nourishment from within, equipping ourselves to be able to offer this same compassionate care and attention to others as well.

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4 Wednesdays in July

July 10, 17, 24, 31
12:00 – 1:30 PDT

$85 for 1 Session
$300 for All 4 Sessions

All Sessions Will Be Facilitated Online Through Zoom

*No experience with art making, meditation, or Mindful Self-Compassion is necessary to participate.

**Bring your own art materials to use during this workshop. Prompts for art making can be adaptable to the art supplies you prefer or simply to whatever you have on hand. Don’t have your own art materials? Click here for a list of affordable supplies to try out from Amazon.

About the Facilitator

Catherine has over 17 years of professional experience as a board-certified art therapist, meditation teacher, and yoga instructor. As an art therapist, Catherine has worked in a variety of settings from community centers and art museums to clinical mental health programs and medical hospital settings. Although the environments and populations have changed over time, one thing has remained a constant in her work, the guiding principle of helping individuals find ease while experiencing life’s inevitable moments of challenge and suffering.

Catherine now runs her own practice, HeartSpace Wellness Studio out of Nashville, TN, where she provides individual sessions in art therapy, classes and workshops for organizations, and clinical supervision for recent art therapy graduates. Catherine specializes in individuals with medical diagnoses and the related emotional toll, experiences of grief and loss, as well as women in life transitions. Catherine understands the healing powers of creativity, mindfulness, and yoga not only from her work as an art therapist but because she has experienced the profound benefits for herself for chronic pain, difficult life transitions, grief and loss, and compassion fatigue. Because of this, she is passionate about helping others navigate stressful and challenging times in their lives by finding the tools from within to leave them feeling calm, capable, and confident no matter what they may be facing.

Creative Compassion: 4 Session Package


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