About Positive Intelligence®

Positive Intelligence®

Sustainable Self-Care Based on Science
Brought to you by Anthony Metten & Amanda Surratt

Anthony is a speaker, coach, breathwork facilitator, and host of our Online Care Circles. We invite you to join Anthony in this incredible opportunity to experience immediate and sustained improvements in your wellbeing through Positive Intelligence®.

Amanda is a Reiki Master, Certified Life Coach, and Positive Intelligence® (aka Mental Fitness) Coach. Amanda’s unique approach blends the pragmatism of evidence-based, scientifically informed methodologies with the intuition and empathy of an energy worker and healer. 

Imagine feeling more control over your emotions and your emotional energy. Imagine being able to see a gift or opportunity in every challenging circumstance. Imagine having a self-care practice that you can use in real-time, any time. And imagine that this new self-care practice is actually fun! All of this and more is available through an engaging 6-week foundational program called Positive Intelligence®.

Positive Intelligence® is a breakthrough, research-based program that strengthens the part of the brain that uplifts and quiets the part of the brain that causes stress and other negative emotions. As participants gain greater self-mastery, they will handle the challenges of daily life with a more positive mindset, and less stress. We call this “Mental Fitness.”

The Positive Intelligence® program was specifically designed to be fun and engaging. The PQ app motivates participants to do daily exercises and enjoy seeing their progress as their “mental muscles” grow day-by-day and week-by-week.  It is also important to note that the program was specifically designed to be experienced with the support and accountability of other program participants.  As an additional benefit, Breathing Spaces will pair you with a small group of other participants who choose to undergo the program at the same time.  Your Breathing Spaces Coach will facilitate small group discussions to vastly enrich your Positive Intelligence® experience.

The results are sustainable and can be life-changing! The program has been validated by over 500,000 participants, with phenomenal results: 85% increase happiness; 90% use mental/emotional energy more effectively; and 91% manage stress better.

The Positive Intelligence® Program is a multi-faceted 6-week program that includes:

  • A weekly hour-long video to explore the weekly focus
  • Exclusive app-guided daily practice, customized for your “Mental Fitness” journey
  • An interactive app-based “Mental Fitness” gym to grow your “mental muscles”
  • Daily progress tracking that helps keep you motivated and engaged
  • Community support and accountability with other program participants
  • Weekly coaching with coach and facilitator Anthony Metten
  • A copy of New York Times Bestselling book Positive Intelligence by Shirzad Chamine

For questions please contact Anthony by email [email protected].

Interested in Positive Intelligence®?

For more information on joining a Positive Intelligence® course, reach out to Anthony at [email protected]

Program cost: $1,495

Please Note: 

The Positive Intelligence® website offers a non-facilitated, content-only version of the six-week program for $995.  Breathing Spaces makes the Positive Intelligence® program available with the support and guidance of a professionally trained Positive Intelligence® Member Coach to deeply enhance the experience.  Your Breathing Spaces Coach has been specially trained to facilitate your Positive Intelligence journey by the founder of Positive Intelligence (Shirzad Chamine) to assure you have the most impactful experience possible.

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