Cultivating Hope



There is something magical about spring. A time where beautiful blooms appear and the possibilities of new beginnings emerge. March 20 is the official first day of spring and the equinox, which carries hope and possibilities. 

A time perhaps to plant new seeds literally in the ground, but also your spirit. As you cultivate and tend to your garden, I encourage you to do the same thing with your soul. What things might be calling to you to begin, or perhaps you have put off for another day? 

You are on a caregiving path, whether currently or the days after you have lost a loved one. Just as your gardens need tending to, so does your spirit to sustain itself. Take time and clean out anything that may be hanging in your mental and emotional closet that is draining you. 

Is there something you wish you had done differently? Something that was said and has been nicking at you as you replay over and over again? We cannot ‘fix’ anything in our past, but we can own up to mistakes and forgive ourselves and others as well. Move on. Let go and take time to renew and rebuild.

Listen to your intuition on what YOU need. Instead of deciding against what you hear (I wish I could, but….) find a way to let it happen. 

Wake up in the morning with a fresh start and give thanks for the day ahead. Take a few minutes and read or listen to something that enlivens you (this does not include the news!). Take it easy on yourself and take time to watch those beautiful flowers and listen to the birds chirping. 

  • Plant some seeds or a new plant

  • Get outside for a walk in a new location (perspective is everything!)

  • Start cleaning out your closets/cabinets 

  • Journal your hopes and desires (there’s a rumor you really can make things come true!)

Find your peace. Find what sets your soul on fire. Find something that gives you hope. Create a space where you can feel awake and inspired and watch the ripple effect on those around you. 



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