Asking for Help

I have spoken to people from different walks of life who are going through challenging times. It seems as though just when you think you’ve heard the worst, someone else comes up with yet another situation that has sent a rift of upheaval through their life.



Amid the turbulence, do you find yourself so paralyzed that you cannot raise your hand for help? Perhaps you’re assuming that others will surely see your intention and your needs without making it ‘perfectly clear’? Or perhaps more often the case, ashamed that you ‘need’ to ask? 

One person said to me, “I’m afraid to reach out to friends because I feel it’s a burden. They/we all have so much going on as is.” My reply: “Don’t assume it’s too much for others because helping you may give them a bit of light being about to do ‘something’ in the world world that is positive.” Don’t make assumptions. 

If someone does react negatively to you, there may be a back story that you have no idea about. Whether someone is full of fear or anger over something that has happened to them, that has NOTHING to do with you; perhaps they’re just not the right people to be pulling in. Don’t take things personally. 

I saw a doormat once, “Come as You Are,” it said. As in life, come as you are – ruffled or tired – and be willing to ask for help and show up with an open heart for others. It’s an interesting thought that we can all do everything, but the truth of the matter is we all need help, whether it is from others or ourselves. 

A few thoughts to entertain for creating a blanket of support for yourself: 

  • Believe in yourself and your worth

  • Practice self-care rituals (yes – a long soak bath counts!)

  • Start writing in that blank journal you have tucked away and listen to your thoughts

  • Join a group of common interests. From knitting to caregivers support, many are available online

Every day has a new beginning. Take a deep breath, exhale and repeat, “I believe in you.” And don’t be afraid to reach out.  



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