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Mindfulness is something that can significantly change your life, for the good. I’m not a therapist, but a human being that is a former family caregiver who understands the ups and the downs of what happens in your daily life. Also, how the time after your caregiving days are over, and your loved one has passed away can greet you with unexpected turns. 


Split-second decisions can happen often, whether they be life-altering or as simple as deciding on oranges or apples at the grocery store. No doubt some of your choices have more impact on your loved one and yourself than others, but they are decisions that have to be made. 

Finding time to create space, and a little bit of quiet and calm can and will make a difference for you. Not only for your mental health but your physical health as well. Did you know that doing something as simple as gardening can be a way to create mindfulness? Your attention is on what’s in front of you and allows you to pull your focus off the stressful or worrisome situation that may be occurring and place it on what you are doing. This can create a greater sense of calm in your life and help you regain balance. 

Here are a few other simple ways to bring a bit of peace to your life:

  • Focus on a hobby; photography, sewing, painting, golfing

  • Put together a file or binder of favorite recipes (this helps a lot to have on hand!)

  • Go for a walk; we LOVE walking at Breathing Spaces!!

  • Organize your closet; I know this may be more of a ‘task’ for some of you but it does take your focus!

  • Try essential oils. We recently added Young Living Oils to our website because they are SO amazing. You can click on the link ‘NEW TO ESSENTIAL OILS” where you’ll be able to explore the Stress Relief and Emotional Wellness oils that really can make a difference. I use them all the time in my diffuser! 

Stress plays wicked games on your mind and body so being able to find a way to tend to your own ‘garden’ gives you the ability to create peace and clarity. 

Every day, please do something to fill up your own tank before it’s too late. 



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