Tips For Keeping Your Loved One Safe

Sometimes it hits me more now than it did at the time, that my mom fell one morning when getting out of bed, shattering her shoulder and breaking her hip. It happened four months after my dad died and on the first day of a much-needed vacation after caring for both of my parents. When I saw the missed call from my brother, I knew it wasn’t good news. Mom was on her way to hip replacement surgery! Poor Mom! Adding insult to injury, was that she fell when no one was home and laid on the floor in agony for about four hours, unable to get to a phone. Fortunately, my niece came home unexpectedly and found grandma on the floor in agony.


 From this point on, my Mom’s quality of life changed dramatically. Can you even imagine experiencing a fall or a medical emergency such as a stroke, or heart attack or diabetic complication and laying there helpless for hours or even days? ! I’m on a mission to turn those haunting statistics around. It shocks me to hear stories almost weekly from those I meet who tell me about a parent, an aunt or uncle or even a neighbor who suffered for days before anyone checked in on their well-being.

 The reality is that you can’t be there 24/7. But you can add another tool to your caregiver resource toolbox, that’s where an Electronic Caregiver (ECG) system can fill critical gaps in day to day life. 

 Stylish wrist pendants are paired with GPS locators and the highest trained emergency operators in the country and meant to be worn 24/7 for protection even in the shower where plenty of falls occur every day. The corresponding cell phone app gives you real-time updates all the while allowing your loved one dignity and independence. Offering the ability to program in medication and appointment reminders, locate your loved one at home or on the go, is an added bonus and adds peace of mind. 

 The Pro Health line includes a cellular based console for your home and wearable wristband that is Bluetooth enabled. It monitors blood sugar, weight, blood pressure, temperature and pulse ox with the ability to track and record your data in real time.

 Electronic Caregiver is committed to providing modern and unique health & wellness solutions to the active aging, chronically ill and everywhere in between. I’m grateful to be able to offer the life-saving products that they offer to family caregivers, all while honoring my parents and the journey we took together. 

From my heart to yours,

Dot Boyd 
Senior Safety Specialist
Electronic Caregiver

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