As a family caregiver, conflicting emotions and physical ailments frequently occur. Self-care is invaluable but can be challenging to implement, which is why we continue to offer trusted affiliate resources and products. Young Living Oils is our newest resource we’re excited to share with you!

 I was introduced to Young Living Oils through my Chiropractor and Massage Therapist, to help regulate and balance various ailments. I have since used them in my home diffuser and discovered the incredible impact they make on my emotions. They are a terrific way to help you through your days!

 I am a stickler about what I put both in and on my body, so using quality products is a priority for me. Young Living Oils are 100% authentic, therapeutic-grade, and completely pure. Their 'Seed to Seal' guarantee speaks for their quality, take a look at this short video to learn more. 

 Whether it is fighting a cold, calming a stressful day, or helping me get to sleep, Young Living Oils surpass any others that I’ve used. In addition, they also have a fabulous line of Home Care, Personal Care and Health Products. All YLO use quality ingredients from a trusted source.

Here are a few of the one's I particularly enjoy: 








Emotional Wellness




Daily Empowerment

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My all-time favorite: I feel my Mom's presence when I use it - warm and loving and an overall sense of, 'it's going to be ok'.


To learn more about Young Living products or to make a purchase, click on my direct linkYou'll have the option of becoming a member or purchasing retail. Members receive 24% off retail pricing and have an opportunity to become a distributor (to earn income). Or simply click Retail Customer and the Product Catalog at which point you will still be able to become a member if you choose. 

Our whole team uses Young Living and we hope you'll give it a try. Relax, restore, refresh and uplift!

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