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Don’t Be SAD – Avoiding Seasonal Depression

ART - Dont Be Sad

We’ve been talking about the holidays for the past few weeks, including how to manage the stress of the hustle and bustle, and how lighting candles against the dark can remind us to keep hope alive. For many people -care recipients and caregivers alike – the winter holidays are not always joyful, however. The shorter days and diminished sunlight cause seasonal depression, which can lead to stress, ill temper, and exhaustion.

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Repost: Are You Ready?


Then it happens; your loved one is admitted to the hospital and decisions need to be made about whether to go on to a care home or perhaps hire in-home care.

Are you ready? Have you explored options? Do you know the difference between in-home care vs a care facility? Is there an advanced directive in place? POLST if necessary? Do you understand Palliative Care? Hospice?

I think you get where I’m going here… prior proper planning. Family caregiving can be stressful and not being prepared, finding yourself in the throws of a major health shift can blindside you.

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