How to Move Beyond Fear


Our reactions have both a positive and negative effect on those around us, as well as ourselves. As we go through our days and events happen, regardless of whether we can control the situation or not, when we drop into fear or anger, it feeds upon itself. Similarly, when you allow yourself to let anxiety, worry, or panic, you lose any possible sense of balance. 

Easier said than done at times, no doubt. But ultimately, our bodies and health pay the price. Think of it this way—if you eat fried foods three times a day every day, there is a good chance you may end up with heart issues and decrease your life span.

In the article “Impact of Fear and Anxiety” from the University of Minnesota, they cite how if you are in a constant state of fear, both your physical and mental health are compromised.  

Yesterday I was at the grocery store, and it reminded me of a Stepford Wives movie. Blank stares, everyone rushing around in a panic, fear was prevalent. Our current state of affairs with the Coronavirus makes this understandable. Yet by feeding ourselves into the panic of it all, we are creating more angst and harm to our overall health. And, ultimately, to our relationships.

Finding ways to soften and ease the fear is paramount: 

  • Limit your exposure to the news to once a day.

  • Reach out to friends and family to talk about the concerns and anxiety that you have, and discuss ways to help support them as well.

  • Set yourself up with backups of food, water, batteries. Many of us live in states that have earthquakes or tornados etc., so being prepared is ALWAYS a wise thing to do and sets your mind at ease.

  • Stay out of public areas as much as possible (make it one grocery store trip instead of 3).

  • When you wake up in the morning, put your feet on the ground, gives thanks for another day and trust that all will be well.

Your caregiving days can be tough enough. It is our hope at the Breathing Spaces Team that you continue to do even the smallest of things every single day to lighten your fear and anxiety. Please, B-R-E-A-T-H-E. 



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