Levels of Self-Compassion

Our inner voices can be our greatest cheerleaders or bring us to our knees. Having an awareness of this is the first step in training yourself to have a more positive view of yourself and your choices. The importance? Our self-talk affects our moods, persona, our health, how we interact with others, and it all circles back around to the ever-popular topic for caregivers—self-care. 

Doing something wrong doesn’t make you a bad person. When any of us start making a lot of mistakes, there’s a good chance it means it’s time to slow down, to not rush into decisions, and to give ourselves a bit of breathing space so that we don’t react from fear, doubt, anger, that ultimately adds in more sadness. 


Beating yourself up every time you do something wrong or make a wrong decision only perpetuates a greater sense of ‘I’m not good enough” or “I’m too overwhelmed, and I’ll never be able to get this right.” No one wins with that. So by taking note of the self-talk we ALL do, each of us can create a gentler path. 

Look at all of the things you do throughout your days. Could you start to pay attention to your inner voice in a non-judgmental way? Try not beating yourself up? Catch yourself, stop and try again.

Being human should come with a manual that lets us know we will make mistakes because we all will. So the sooner you can get yourself into a self-dialogue of “I know, and it’s OK,” the better and faster you’ll be able to move on and move through it. Consider how you would react to someone else that is beating themselves up over something. What understanding and caring advice would you give them?

A more balanced YOU makes better choices in the world and for others around you. So becoming your own positive cheerleader is NOT an act of being selfish, but instead, an act of kindness that ripples out in the world and is felt by others. 

Try practicing self-compassion through mindfulness by observing your own thoughts and feelings without judgement. Be gentle, be kind, to YOU. 



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