Spring Into Something New!

Here we go – March is here, and spring is around the corner! Spring and fall are my two favorite times of the year. Spring = New Beginnings, Fall = Turning Inward. I paused and stared at my screen after writing that. I wonder if I might meld the two a bit and turn inward a bit more to allow new beginnings?


Every day we wake up to possibilities. We can open our eyes, pop onto our phone, check emails and the day’s events, and immediately go into “GO “mode. When the ‘on’ switch is engaged, do you open up space for new beginnings? I’m not so sure about that.

Before sitting down to write, I just walked outside and saw a dad pushing a stroller carrying his infant child, elder son riding along on a bike. Dad’s head pointed straight down to his phone, while the kids were talking with no interaction. So many mornings, I look out my window to see people off for their morning walk, face down in their phones. Do you? Are you missing life by going straight for your devices?

As a professional in the caregiving world or as a family caregiver, you have many things that need your attention throughout the day and none of us has forever here on this plane. So, I’m going to ask you to consider whether those messages or Facebook headlines can wait. Not forever, but long enough to talk with your son or your spouse or listen to something positive – even music! Stop scrolling and start being alive.

We have great care partners that support many of our followers in various ways. A local Curves facility in Los Altos, CA, has offered free online movement classes for caregivers, both stretching and tai-chi, open to any caregiver regardless of the location. These have been fantastic half-hour opportunities to stop and do something for yourself. The attendees feel a sense of relief from the ‘pause’ in their day and are refreshed with a new perspective. We would love to have you join us!

Start something new this spring. Create a new beginning that fills you up, shift your energy, and be prepared to watch how the ripple effect touches the lives of others.

Enjoy the journey of your surroundings before it’s too late!



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