Happiness in the Details

Days can go by in a blink. It seems to me lately that years seem to go by in a blink! What do you do in those days? Work, laundry, grocery shopping, and the added bliss this time of year of preparing taxes. It’s a go-go-go life, yes?

Happiness Walk

What if I challenged you to try something new today? Disrupt the cycle. Pay extra attention to the tiny details: the flowers popping up seemingly out of nowhere, a smile on a child’s face, the older man giving his wife a smooch. Noticing those simple moments can slow your racing heart and mind by creating a positive shift.

Lunchtime? Make a break for it! Even a 20-minute walk can shift your energy levels; why not take it? Focus on something other than your daily tasks and create a new reality for yourself. Solve the world problems? No. Shake up that tense energy cycle within you? Yes.

Now let’s talk about conversations. Stay with me here, folks. I’m still out in nature. Walks are also a wonderful time to have a conversation with a loved one about something that could seem conflicting or aggressive when brought up inside four walls. Nature has a way of softening conversations. Without walls, the flow of the conversation can seem a bit less aggressive. “Honey, I really need to talk to you about what’s happening with your mom…” sounds just like that outside, while inside, it may sound like, “you’re not paying any attention to your mom, and you’re making things difficult!” The result: immediate shut down by the listener.

Don’t forget to bring the outside in, too! Plants and flowers can not only shift the mental energy in your home/office, but they produce negative ions, which is very calming. And if you can be out in your garden (if you don’t have one, start one!) – pure bliss. Nature heals, soothes, and brings peaceful balance into your life.

Why get stuck in the same old rut? Life is an adventure if you open yourself to it. Don’t bullet-train through your days. Raise your consciousness to pay attention where you usually would not. Crack the code, open yourself to potential happiness. Watch the magic happen!




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