A New Way of Breathing

Do you ever have days feeling like you can’t solve one more problem (no big or how small)? Where putting more energy out is difficult seems like taking steps in wet cement? What do you do when that happens?

This past weekend, I felt mighty drained and knew I had to pay attention to what would fill me up. I am a firm believer both in doing nothing in particular and in listening to what my heart is calling me to do.

Breathing Iris

In the early hours of Saturday, I snuggled into my favorite chair and ottoman. Surrounded by pretty colors, with my fluffy pillow and blanket, I sipped my coffee while listening to an inspirational podcast in my jammies. It’s what I yearned for that morning, snuggles and peace. The rest of the day fell into suit from reading, puttering in the garden, taking a walk in the warm winter sun, and taking, long deep breaths.

According to a new Integrative Health specialist I saw, doing a body reset is in order. In addition to supplement changes and trying a new meditation routine, she had me buy the book, Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art, by James Nestor. When I told Melissa (my right arm here at Breathing Spaces) about the book, her reply was, “Ha! The irony is blissful.” The woman who started Breathing Spaces also needed to rethink how she was breathing.

Nestor goes into how the breath and health of the mind and body are all intertwined. I knew that, but not to this level of understanding. It was fascinating to begin a journey further down a learning path than I have been, opening my mind to possibilities. One of the easiest, cost-effective tools to reduce stress and help with an overall body reset, is right inside our magnificent bodies.

An excellent activity for after-work or the weekend is exploring a new area outside and being mindful of your breath—something you should do every day but something very enlightening and lifting about doing so outside. Finding a place other than the usual places you typically go invokes a sense of awe, as well. Easy, effective, enlightening.

As I wove through my last weekend, I was mindful of my breath, heart, joy, and myself. What will you do this weekend?




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