New Beginnings

Mom's Rose - croppedSince the beginning, Breathing Spaces has been supporting family caregivers from a knowing space. As a former family caregiver myself, I understood firsthand the emotions, stress, and time that envelope a role that is done from a heart space.   

Navigating unknown territory amid a myriad of emotions was a difficult journey at times. Once I joined a support program developed by local health organizations, I found a group of other caregivers who understood, and it made a world of difference. I was grateful for the opportunity to take over the program and expand its offerings to successfully support a growing population.   

When the grant-funded program ended, I started Breathing Spaces to continue providing that much-needed support and have since grown it into a global community. Still, I knew there was more that Breathing Spaces needed to do, and as I looked to future expansion, I needed someone with vast knowledge of the health care industry. An unplanned reconnection with a friend from high school led me to join forces with a trusted ally who would help us expand even more.   

I am thrilled to introduce you to Mark Tribbett, my new business partner, who brings a wealth of knowledge and a heart of compassion. Mark’s experience in leading innovative healthcare organizations brings both business acumen and familiarity with the specific needs of those who need care and their families. Mark and I are a perfect match of yin and yang in the business world, complimenting each other’s strengths.  

We have expanded our resources for family caregivers and are in the process of creating additional programs to support a larger community of caregivers as well. More about that coming soon, but for now, I hope you join me in my excitement for our new website!  

We have amazing new team members and additional Care Partners for you to meet. As we continue to add to our community support our offerings will also continue to expand, bringing more services to help sustain all caregivers on their journeys.    

Loneliness and isolation are known to be at the core of what caregivers experience. Many feel enveloped by a cloud of confusion, afraid to let others know the feelings they are going through. Self-care floats out of reach, impeding important decisions and ultimately putting the one who is cared for at risk.   

No one should ever feel alone on this journey nor be afraid of reaching out; our mission continues to support that and provide a safe landing space with resources for all caregivers.   

Our online retreats, sponsored by one of our Care Partners, Bay Area Cancer Connections, are led by professional coaches and give way to connections with others regardless of your location or who you care for. Our walks have returned thanks to our newest Care Partner, Curves of Los Altos, enabling caregivers to connect and gain support while also doing something healthy for themselves.   

We are grateful to everyone who has been with us on our journey so far, whether they are individuals or Care Partners, and we’re excited to have them continue on with us.   

Whether you are a caregiver in need of support, or a Care Partner looking to help expand our community, we look forward to you joining us.  

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