The Ripple Effect



The ripple effect happens energetically in everything we do, everything we feel, and everything around us. Becoming aware of that energy is a powerful tool to have. 

Emotionally, what you bring into your conversations and interactions gives off energy – both positive and negative –  that is felt by others. Your reactions can become a safety net or leave you dangling without support. Paying attention to your responses in both situations makes it easier to foster a gentler way of being and showing up in the world.  

Let’s be real here. We all have days where a lot is piling up, and that one conversation takes you off guard and flips you into oblivion. It is easy enough to get swept up in an argument or misinterpret what is happening with someone else. I’m sure those situations have happened to all of us, and I’m equally certain that beating ourselves up afterward with “I should have…;” “I wish I had…;” has no benefits. Looking at the situation without judgment allows us to tune in to what else may be happening.  

Conversations can get blurry at times, especially under any sort of duress as a caregiver. Is it what was said that is the root cause of your frustration that day? Or is it something that has been piling up for you and left unaddressed that sent you reeling off negatively before catching your balance?  

Perhaps a knee-jerk reaction occurs based on a previous experience? Are you allowing yourself time to tune in, perhaps even journal about events that can provide insight into situations you may overlook?  

Cause and effect.  

In that light, communication becomes an art of balance. Listening to what is being said, opening your awareness to what may be behind the spoken word or thoughts, and not being triggered into a reaction you may regret later, are techniques for creating an easier life balance. The more you do it, the more powerful the benefits become. 

Start by becoming aware of what is happening. Are you being given an opportunity to look within to see something that has been hidden in an emotional corner? Open your eyes and spirit to what is happening, not only around you, but within you. Doing so allows you to be a more positive human at the center of a ripple effect as you move through your days. It is also likely to enhance your capability and compassion as a caregiver.  

You are a powerful and essential part of the world around you. Learn to listen and speak with compassion to yourself and others. You’re not perfect, but you are amazing.  

Be gentle as you show up in the world, and let peace begin with you.  



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