Why You Should Care About Creating a Safety Net

Thinking back to my caregiving days, and hearing from many of you, worrying is a common emotion. Whether it is listening at the bathroom door to be sure your loved one hasn’t fallen or you’ve slept with one ear open for a cry in the night for help, you are engaged in some way most of the time. 

Worries and doubts may become a mainstream part of your life, often to the point you won’t recognize it. Like brushing your teeth, it becomes an automatic activity. The challenge is that you are unaware of those unconscious running emotions’ effects, and they will wear you down.


It’s your loved one that you’d do anything for, so you can’t stop being alert for their safety. But worrying does not solve anything nor prevent something from happening. It drains your alertness from the stress. 

By acknowledging that some things are out of your control, create a safety net to help you regain a bit of peace. Understand that when you are more balanced, you are a more effective caregiver for your loved one. It is not selfish to practice soothing your soul; it’s a necessary component. 

Put safety measures in place:

  • Add in a Wireless Monitor in the event your loved one gets up during the night

  • Focus on what you have control over – keep track of things that have happened and take time to Journal your thoughts as well

  • Create a way of balancing yourself so that your reactions come from a clear state of mind through Simple Meditations

Finally, as we enter into the colder weather, and with COVID/Flu season upon us, start now putting activities into place that will lift the spirits of both you and your loved one. Social isolation wreaks havoc on your immune systems during these times, so start thinking about things that will fill up your ‘happy’ cup. 

How about taking a trip? At least virtually….there are many places you can visit on the internet; 27 Places Around the World to Visit Without Leaving Your Home

Even the simplest of things make a difference.



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