Change Your Thinking Change Your Life


Time can pass quickly or at times seem like it’s at a standstill. It’s what you do in the midst of it all that makes the difference. As a caregiver, the art of life balance is very crucial. You are in the middle every day of making decisions, trying to resolve your own emotions, engaging your loved done in activities, and perhaps working a full-time job. Probably also feeling yourself getting wrapped up in world events, in fear about what comes next. 

Our sub-consciousness mind plays a big part in outcomes that happen to our life. So if you remain in a constant state of negative, ‘which shoe will fall next…’, mentality, chances are you will attract more of that. What you focus on tends to multiply. And how you participate in your days (are you in a constant state of worry or fear or anger?) will play in the results. 

Don’t focus on ‘what if’ or ‘when.’ ‘When Mom settles in with home care here, I’ll be able to have my freedom back. ‘ Yes and no. Yes, someone will be there to care for your Mom, which is great! But at the same time, you will still have worries and concerns and most likely won’t turn your back and forget about her. Finding a balance and peace of mind, giving yourself much-needed breath, is what will carry you through.

Just as you would prepare a meal with a recipe, your daily living could use a bit of a method. The real power that any of us has is in the present moment. We can’t erase the past, and we can’t go back and ‘fix’ it either. But we can control what our thoughts are in the current moment and seek a peaceful balance. 

If you had a friend who was going through the same thing you are, what would you say to them? My guess is you would encourage them to find something that brings peace and happiness and a bit of peace. 

Set a new intention for your life, to allow positive in and fertilize it throughout the day. Focus on what you do have control over in your life – YOU. You have the power to balance yourself and do things that will create happiness. Try a few things differently to shift the energy:

  • Start your day off with a positive thought and intention: ‘I will have a pleasant day today and remain happy’. Then follow through. Especially if things get a bit stressed, go for a short walk or take a drive to the grocery store with your favorite music playing. Don’t drive rethinking about everything that has happened or needs to be done. Take that time for peace.  

  • Refrain from mulling over what you did wrong yesterday or how you might have reacted over something that happened as you end your day before sleep. You can’t fix the past. 

  • Don’t rely on anyone else to make you happy. Reach out for help or support from others that understand, like our Closed Facebook Group or Caregiver Retreats. But find something that will honestly fill your heart, even a little bit every single day. 

Your thoughts have the power to transform, or at the very least, give you buoyancy throughout the day. 

One day at a time… step, one breath. You are an amazing person, please don’t forget that. 



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