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Last week, I had the pleasure of getting together with one of the original members of Breathing Spaces, someone I consider a dear friend. Margaret was always wonderful to have conversations with as we walked in our groups, and came to Mom’s house after she passed with a vase full of flowers from her garden. A moment that is forever etched in my memory, the kindness of someone I barely knew at that point in time. 

Fast forward to the present day amid the Coronavirus, Margaret’s husband is now in a senior community with declining health. Her days have been difficult adjusting to the new normal in so many parts of her life. Surrounded by loving family, yes, but she is also living with a broken heart.  


It’s been months since we’ve been able to see each other, and though I could not hug my dear friend, seeing her brought so much joy to my heart. Then the sweetest gift appeared once again as she brought a vase with flowers from her garden, filling me once again with tears. Strategically placed by Mom’s picture, I feel the love of them both as I write. Hearing Margaret’s gratitude for the support Breathing Spaces has been able to offer and other emails I’ve received through the weeks make an impact. 

Some days go by without question of what comes next. Others seem to stumble with a mixed bag of emotions that seem to appear from nowhere. Amidst days of fear, anger, the angst that is seen worldwide and elevated in our online caregiver retreats, it comes down to the simple moments, the things you can do that are right in front of you that you have the most power. Bringing our community inspiration and support through our partners is essential to us. 

After hearing from many of you not being able to see your loved ones during this outbreak, and from others telling us about the frustration loved ones experience trying to use an iPad or phone, we searched high and low for a product that would offer a resolution. We are delighted to have found the Claris Companion tablet and thrilled that they are joining us for a FREE demonstration of their tablet this week. 

The tablet is a versatile, customizable answer to a lot of stress, frustration, and sadness. I wish I had this when Mom was here….even though we were living together, this would have made such a positive difference for her. The folks at Claris also have a fantastic enterprise solution for loved ones in Independent/Senior Living.

Virtual seating is limited, so sign up today to learn more in this no-obligation opportunity to hear a resolve for some of the stress you are experiencing. 

We will continue to add new partners and resources that help you through your days. It is our pleasure and our honor to be able to do so. 



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