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I have been meditating for years, and it has made a significant difference in my life, though I practice it a bit different than the way you may think. Though I admire people that can meditate for hours, sitting quietly for that long is something that I could never do. Try as I might, the ‘hummingbird’ in me couldn’t sit still.

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Then when I was a family caregiver, I was introduced to a meditation program that I could do in a matter of minutes that shifted my energy, re-centered me and helped me focus. It took practice mind you, but the techniques were so easy to do! 

So I was very excited when a friend of mine came to me about offering these to family caregivers. It fits right into the Breathing Spaces philosophy; B-R-E-A-T-H-E! Ommmmmmmm……you have to take the time to care for yourself. And, by creating an atmosphere that allows you to be clear, make better decisions, center yourself in the middle of chaos, you are better able to care for your loved one, too. I am very excited to now offer these meditations on the Breathing Spaces website!

I’d like to introduce you to Elizabeth Guilbeault, the founder, and creator of Meditate2Heal. Elizabeth has studied meditation and yoga for over 15 years and loves to teach techniques to make meditation part of daily life. 

“When you think of self-care, what pops to mind first? Often exercising, eating well, and sleeping are at the top of the list. Does meditation cross your mind? If not, perhaps it should…

Meditation is a great resource for self-care. When caring for or supporting someone going through an illness or life event, self-care becomes paramount to survival. Pausing, taking a few moments each day/each week for self, makes a tremendous difference in not only the caregiver’s life, in the life of the one being cared for as well. 

Meditation myths: it has to take a long time, requires complete silence and the quieting of the mind, and can only be done sitting a certain, most uncomfortable way. 

Meditation truths: it doesn’t require long stretches of time, it has benefits beyond the present moment, even if it doesn’t feel like the mind was quieted at all, and it can be done anywhere, no uncomfortable posture required! 

Meditation is a practice for one simple reason – it takes practice. Meditation can be mindfully practiced a few moments, a few times, each day or week. Learning a few simple techniques goes a long way when developing your own practice. Techniques can make meditation accessible in order to add it to the short list of self-care go to’s.” 


I hope you will take advantage of what these simple, easy and effective meditations will do for you. They’ve changed my life, and it is my hope they will do so for you as well.  

The family caregiver meditations are available on the Breathing Spaces website. 

A reminder that in the Bay Area of California we are doing weekly walks in partnership with our Affiliate, Bay Area Cancer Connections. Those folks offer amazing support for Ovarian and Breast Cancer patients and also see the increased need to support family caregivers. Join us if you can at our Saturday walk in Mountain View. This is a terrific way to gain support by being with other family caregivers who ‘get’ what you re going through. Share thoughts, emotions, gain insights all while taking a bit of time out for YOU. 

More information is available on our website about Bay Area Cancer Connections and the walks. All are invited to join us! Please be sure to RSVP by Thursday. 

Be well….





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