Soups On!

For a few years now I have needed to pay particularly close attention to what I eat. For years as a family caregiver however I did not and I realized later it was the cause of health issues that didn’t really seem to have an answer or cause for. My choice of course, but life gets busy and it’s easy to grab something quick.

In the article; How to Eat Right When You’re a Caregiver they spoke right to this;

 “Though caregivers pay close attention to the special dietary needs of the person they’re caring for, they often ignore their own, and fast food becomes an easier alternative than a balanced diet.”


Additionally, often the dietary needs/likes of your loved one don’t quite match with yours either, making ‘what’s for dinner’ a complicated process. Finding healthy recipes that are not complicated and that multiple household members will enjoy is important. Many of you may be ‘chefs’ at heart, but there are the rest of us that are still aspiring to be Julia Child with a healthy twist. Easy, simple, good for you…is there really such a thing? I found it! Right here; Real Healthy Recipes.

I am gluten and dairy intolerant so this is a gold mine! But the recipes are SO good that it’s not necessary that you have dietary restrictions to enjoy this website. I’ve spoken with a member of the Breathing Spaces Closed support group who enjoys using this website as well for she and her family. You just might find a way here to make your loved one happy, and you too. 

A reminder that in the Bay Area of California we are doing weekly walks in partnership with our Affiliate, Bay Area Cancer Connections. Those folks offer amazing support for Ovarian and Breast Cancer patients and also see the increased need to support family caregivers. Join us if you can at our Saturday walk in Mountain View. This is a terrific way to gain support by being with other family caregivers who ‘get’ what you re going through. Share thoughts, emotions, gain insights all while taking a bit of time out for YOU. 

More information is available on our website about Bay Area Cancer Connections and the walks. All are invited to join us!

Be well….



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