Speaking Your ‘Peace’

I’ve had several opportunities this week to be able to speak my peace. I say ‘opportunity’ lightly as truth be told those were frightening moments. Saying what is on my mind can be tough at times, something I’ve worked on and being vulnerable enough here to say it. My fear of being judged or wrong or assuming what the other person would think can make those discussions difficult at times. 

I share this with you as family caregivers because whether it is speaking your truth to your loved one, communication with family or doctors, or reaching out to others for support, the power of doing so is pretty incredible.

This article from the American Heart Association; Communication Tips For Caregivers gives insightful ways on how to best communicate with others. This particularly stood out; “When your communication is clear, assertive and constructive, you’re more likely to be heard and get the response you need.”

Communicating your needs/thoughts can be a little scary at times, but the result is often clearing the air and allowing you to breathe. 


Exciting news! If you live in the South Bay Area of California, I encourage you to join us as we kick off the Breathing Spaces walking program with our Affiliate Organization Partner Bay Area Cancer Connections. The walks will begin Tuesday, February 27 at 10:30 AM. Location; Mitchell Park 600 E Meadow Dr, Palo Alto, CA 94303 and continue every Tuesday at the same time/location. For more information and to join us, please visit our website to sign up: www.breathingspacesfc.com

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