When Life Gives You Lemons: Dealing with Your Emotions

This blog post, ‘When Life Gives You Lemons: Dealing with Your Emotions’ from our Affiliate Partner, Bay Area Cancer Connections is very touching. Gabriela’s story is one that spoke to my heart in so many ways; tears came as I read it. She shares a journey she experienced with her Mother as a family caregiver, and I believe her insights will touch and inspire you as well. She refers to ‘mindfulness’, and this point is something that I continue to practice even after caregiving; “1. When in a stressful moment, tell or repeat to yourself “stay calm” or “calm down” for at least 5 seconds before saying anything, then take three deep (belly) breaths, try to close your eyes if possible, and if you can make a whoosh sound as you breath out, even better.”

Being able to connect with other family caregivers one-on-one is a powerful tool as well. Knowing you are not alone and the ability to gain insight from others can be some of the most significant support you’ll have. So I am over the moon excited to let you know about our new walks happening in the South Bay Area of California! 

Please join us as we kick off the Breathing Spaces walking program with our Affiliate Organization Partner, Bay Area Cancer Connections.The walks will begin Tuesday, February 27 at 10:30 AM. Location; Mitchell Park 600 E Meadow Dr, Palo Alto, CA 94303 and continue every Tuesday at the same time/location. To join us, please register through our Breathing Spaces website

It is our goal to reach out to as many cities as possible, so if you know of an Affiliate Organization in your area that you feel would be good for us to connect with to begin new walks, we’d love to hear from you. Email us at [email protected] or call (408) 315-2227.

Don’t forget, to B-R-E-A-T-H-E. 

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