Breakfast of Caregiving Champions

ART - Breakfast of Caregiving Champions

One of my favorite memories from childhood is coming downstairs early in the morning to find my grandfather, his comfortably faded flannel bathrobe knotted over his blue pajamas, his feet cozy in fleece-lined slippers, stirring a pot of something on the stove. What the something was would vary – sometimes rolled oats (never “oatmeal”), sometimes farina (cream of wheat). In the warmer months he might be poaching eggs or soft boiling them for presentation in adorable ceramic egg cups. But the point, other than that he often expressed his love for us by cooking, was that he knew what we so often forget: breakfast is important.

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Avoiding the Rabbit Hole

How far down the rabbit hole shall you go before you know you’ve gone too far? I’ve had conversations with professional and family caregivers alike who have taken too many steps down the road of life with blinders knowing they’ll pull through it. Burnout can sneak up like a bullet train.

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Opening Up Space by Planning Ahead

Your days can get hectic and time doesn’t always allow for all of the things you’d like to get accomplished. Planning opens up time, energy and gives way to mental clarity. Calm mind – happier heart.

And by all means, don’t forget to breathe. Take time, rather make time, for a couple of long deep breaths throughout your days. A quick and easy technique that can clear your mind and center your energy giving way to calm and clarity. Which pairs perfectly with your new routine of planning!

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