Avoiding the Rabbit Hole

You’re standing in the vegetable aisle at the grocery store, staring at the bins, trying to remember whether it’s romaine or butter lettuce the recipe called for. Next thing you know, you’ve flipped back in your memory about the meeting you had yesterday and the appointments coming up tomorrow. Like a voice in the fog, you hear the words “Excuse me – miss?” realizing it’s the fifth time you heard it but so far off into the world of mind overload that you seemingly transported yourself out of the store.


How far down the rabbit hole shall you go before you know you’ve gone too far? I’ve had conversations with professional and family caregivers alike who have taken too many steps down the road of life with blinders knowing they’ll pull through it. Burnout can sneak up like a bullet train.


Sometimes, finding a way out seems daunting when you’ve reached that point, whether it is a culmination of life events or news that takes you off your feet. Sometimes, you can’t change the circumstances, but you can change your reactions and how you approach them—pulling yourself out of burnout before it’s too late into resilience.




Change your habits now and start making better choices.


In an article published by Forbes, “Why Taking Vacation Time Could Save Your Life,” writer Caroline Castrillion points out the importance of planning time off to reduce stress and improve overall wellness.


Plan mini-vacations nearby if a vacation is not on your radar for financial or family obligations. It doesn’t have to be exotic or fancy – start by spending time in nature, whether a day trip or an hour or two away. We have a garden here in the Bay Area called Filoli that is a fantastic way to escape into nature for a few hours, and it’s close by. Last weekend my boyfriend and I met up with family at a local winery and sat outside on the lawn for hours with a bottle of wine and snacks. We had the best conversations, laughed, and soaked in the warm spring sun.


The first step for finding balance in your life is to stop relentlessly pushing through because things must get done. The first step to finding your peace is becoming aware of what is happening. Pause. Don’t beat yourself up for having one foot down the rabbit hole. Thank yourself for realizing you’re a step away. Start making better choices because YOU deserve a life of freedom, love, peace, and harmony.




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