Decluttering: Releasing Excess Baggage

Clutter is the excess stuff we tend to accumulate over the years in our homes, heads, hearts, and schedules.

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The obvious clutter is physical clutter and being burdened by the sheer presence of too many things – too much furniture, too many dishes, too many plastic containers without lids. Then there is the not-so-obvious    mental or head clutter. The brain is overloaded with the number of decisions we have to make in a day, the different roles we play, and the burden of responsibilities that come with all of those roles. Emotional clutter is about holding onto things that represent unresolved issues. Schedule clutter is when we find day after day we only get two or three of the things on our list or on our calendar done.

Here are some ideas when dealing with clutter:


Physical clutter can be too many dishes, magazines, clothes, or too many projects you meant to do but never started. It can also be piles and piles of papers! You can start with the simplest. Throw away that extra sock with no mate, the half-knitted sweater, or give to charity some of the piles of books you had every good intention of reading.

What mental clutter is draining your energy? What are you holding on to because you want to be right, or validated or because you are waiting for someone to say they’re sorry? I have heard it said: “resentment is like taking poison and expecting ‘them’ to die!”  Is there a resentment that you can let go of in order to free yourself from negativity, rumination, and obsessional thoughts which serve no purpose other than to bring you down?

Confronting emotional clutter requires a lot of letting go. Let go of old feelings of anger, fear, and guilt in order to find peace of mind.

Schedule clutter. Time can be your friend or your enemy. Time can be your friend if you learn to do one thing at a time, fully and with presence. Use your time and energy well. Slowing down can bring integrity to each moment. It is like practicing Yoga. When the pace increases, chaos enters the scene. When you slow down practicing Yoga, playing tennis, or walking you will feel yourself being a little stronger, more graceful, bringing more definition to each moment. That is the best recipe I know for successfully confronting your Schedule clutter.


“The question of what you want to own is actually the question of how you want to live your life.”  Marie Kondo, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

Today’s Practice:

Remember decluttering is a process so do your best to be kind and encouraging to yourself every step of the way.

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