Emotional Freedom and Life Balance

If you could gain emotional freedom and balance in your life, would you take the time and implement practices to do so?

ART - Emotional Freedom

Knowing something can help is one thing; taking the time to implement it is another. So, finding something that resonates with you is important, and stepping a bit out of your box can lead to practices that may be new to you.

Over the years, I’ve enjoyed trying various modalities to help find the emotional freedom and life balance I mentioned above. On occasion, something that I thought would be ‘ok’ – something I may have previously experienced in a different format – turned out to make the most significant impact.

Enter BreathWork with Anthony Metten. Anthony himself is an incredible human being. His background is diverse, and his impact both insightful and uplifting. As a Care Circle leader, he has lent his expertise and guidance to many caregivers, providing support in our monthly gatherings. When Anthony brought my attention to his new adventure: guiding Breathwork, you can believe he had my full attention.

I have now attended two workshops – one group session in person and one online with co-workers. Anthony’s technique was new to me, so I brought a wee bit of my skepticism into the journey – and was delighted when it quickly went away. BreathWork practice provides an emotional release that can lead to a sense of inner peace. My own experience left me feeling like I was floating after each session, my mind and body calm and cleansed.

Every person who participated in one of these BreathWork sessions had a different experience, but the response has been overwhelmingly positive. “Wow, last night’s session was incredible, healing, and transformative!” someone said. Another observed that the experience, “…exceeded our expectations! We had a great time and walked away learning something new about ourselves.”

If you’re like me, you catch yourself speed-dialing through your days, rushing through individual moments. You might even be pushing away the things that can help you free those bottled-up emotions and bring balance back to your life. Taking the time to look inward, experience something new, and get out of your ‘same-old, same-old’ box can make a positive shift, and doing so can begin with something as simple as a breath – or BreathWork.

The beauty of our online format for these BreathWork sessions is that you can participate from the comfort of your own home – your own safe space. Anthony will be with you every step of the way, and even though your eyes will be closed, the group’s energy will still be felt.

I invite you to join us in the opportunity to connect with your deeper self, to open yourself in a way you have not done before, and to find the emotional freedom and balance in your life that we all deserve.

More information about the upcoming BreathWork sessions can be found on our Compassion Circles page, which is updated regularly with new events.

Note: By signing up for BreathWork during our initial sessions in August, you have the bonus ability to connect with Anthony one-on-one and learn more about how to incorporate this practice in your daily life. A truly unique opportunity!



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