Celebrating Amazing Women on Mother’s Day

Certain holidays appear on the calendar and rip at my heart; Mother’s Day is undoubtedly one of those. I loved my mom and miss her very much. There is a hollowness in my heart from time to time and an extra ping on this day. We were good buddies; she put up with my antics in my early years, sewed Barbie clothes and prom dresses, and showed me the art and love of gardening as I grew older. To this day, as I tend to the roses, I can feel her spirit close by.

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There are so many women out there who mother in various ways – women who have profoundly impacted our lives and given us guidance and nurturing along the way.  They listened when we needed an ear to listen to our heartaches. By opening their hearts, they gave us a glimmering of light within ourselves. Compassionate, thoughtful, giving, guiding, intuitions on high, I honor so many women in my life that have filled that role.

On this Mother’s Day, in addition to honoring your mothers and mother-figures, I encourage you to celebrate the mother within. You are at the center of not only others that you care for but yourself, too. You are doing the best that you can, and yes, you may falter at times. Don’t keep going in those moments and at times of exhaustion. Instead, find ways to replenish yourself.

As this day approaches, while many of us come together in celebration, just as many out there sit in pain from tremendous losses. Whether you have lost your mother, your child, or perhaps the hope of becoming a mother yourself, tend to yourself with care. Restore that hurt in a way that nurtures your heart.

My guess is that my day will be spent tending to the roses, feeling the sweet hugs from my mom. Ma, I’ll be trimming roses and hearing your voice, “…go down five stems before you cut honey….”

Whoever you are, wherever you are, honor the mother in you. Happy Mother’s Day to the many incredible women who have nurtured and supported me in many ways. From our hearts to yours.



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