A Time for New Beginnings

A time for new beginnings – let the planting season begin!

Art - Calla Lily

Spring brings such happiness to my heart. As I look outside, after all the unusual rain, I see the roses flourishing from the extra water and the pruning I did in late fall. The freesia bulbs I had forgotten about are popping with purple color and the new bare root rose I thought wasn’t going to make it is pushing foliage out like a surprise package.

After a day of planting cucumbers, carrots, and tomatoes, beaming from ear to ear with anticipation, I glanced out the window, and saw six hummingbirds perched on one feeder and, to my delight, another two just down from them. The signs of spring and hope are everywhere!

There is magic in focusing on a project, whether art or gardening, and spring is a great time to try something new or return to something you’ve done before and always enjoyed. The benefits are endless, from a calmer mind to a happier you. The warmer weather is perfect for long walks and exploring new parks where you can enjoy the emerging beauty.

The extra daylight is excellent for your health, too! It allows you to spend more time outside, enhancing your mood and getting that much-needed vitamin D. Farmer’s markets are brimming with seasonal fresh fruits and veggies that will bring a wealth of nutrition. Plus, enjoying the experience of going and mingling with vendors and attendees alike is a great spirit lifter. I have my favorite vendor at a local farmers market who has the most beautiful flowers and a dozen miniature roses for $5 – and he is a delight, too!

Spring is also a great time to clean! It is, perhaps, not as fun as planting or exploring outdoors, but I can almost guarantee that doing so creates new space and gives way to new energy. It’s time to go back through those closets and donate things you’re not wearing, go through the cabinets, and yes, finally give away those dishes you swore five years ago you’d use (but never did)  – free up space! Make room for something new – create a wave of positive energy flowing from your home to your heart and back to others.

Break free from restricting things and open your heart to spring and all of the possibilities waiting for you to explore.

Happy Spring!



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