Magical New Beginnings

Do you believe in magic? I do. The holiday and New Year seasons are lovely reminders of its importance; you can feel it in the air if you are still enough.

ART - Magical New Beginnings

Small acts of kindness, random gestures, or simple adventures can fill your heart and that of others with magic. Hope. Peace.

Whether holding the door open at the post office so the swarm of panicked people can get in with their packages or enjoying an outing to a local park during the holidays, I enjoyed all those simple pleasures this past weekend. The local park has drive-through Christmas lights at night, and it’s fun to go down during the daytime and walk through even after the season – you can feel the positive energy! While there, I also rode the carousel and the took the train through the park – I giggled like a child! Having those simple moments reminded me of the importance of pure joy.

Embarking on a New Year with so many possibilities while reflecting on the difficulties we’ve all experienced gave me pause. Where we direct our attention is an energetic magnet. Life happens; some things are good, and others are more complex. The power of what we focus on is critical.

Equally important is companionship. Hearing and speaking to others who understand helps bring joy and a breath into our life. In our latest Care Circle, we all spoke of what we’ve been grateful for this past year. Amid some especially challenging times, focus your attention on the good and remember the positive. Many mentioned feeling grateful to be involved in our groups; connecting with others gave them insight and hope. Though we can’t always fix situations, the ability to lean on someone is powerful.

Experiencing and appreciating moments of pure joy is a necessary component of our lives. As we round the corner into 2023, I encourage you to find simple pleasures. Please focus on the good, use deep breathing or go for a walk when life gets tough; light a scented candle; bring home flowers for yourself; get ice cream! You cannot change what others do or have control over everything that happens, but you can change how you react. Pause, and respond from a space of clear-minded calm.

Our team at Breathing Spaces wishes you a 2023 filled with awe, open hearts, and simple joys.



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