Simple Planning to Reduce Stress

There can be tremendous pressure upon us emotionally and physically as we turn the corner into the fall season. This is a time to figure out how to continue to care for others without pain and suffering yourself (often in silence). With the holidays approaching (yes, in a blink of an eye, they’ll be here!), this is a wonderful time to begin planning so that you can pace yourself and avoid overload.

planning and doing

You are the common denominator in all that happens in your life, so wouldn’t it make sense to create an inner sense of bliss to help balance daily occurrences and those upcoming events?

Sometimes knowing that all of that is coming up, you lose your motivation and find yourself in a bit of a funk. Who’s got time for holidays now? Prior proper prudent planning will help you relieve stress almost every time. Not every day will go according to plan, though I wish it would, so the more planning you can do, the less likely you’ll fall off your balance rocker.

Get motivated by planning what the days ahead will have in store. Start by getting positive momentum and going outside. The fresh air helps maintain a sense of well-being, a new perspective, and a refreshing way to breathe!

Get some support – engage in social interaction. Join our walks if you’re in the San Francisco Bay area or come online with us and others across the United States to connect and gain insights into a more balanced way of living! The connections are priceless – every time I come away with an aha! moment or tears of compassion. Priceless! The balance and new perspective help motivate you to do things differently and can create more time overall.

And a big action step – start pulling together the gift shopping lists and begin meal planning. I should bite my lip for even bringing that up – but think about it. You’ve got time to make lists, scour through ideas, and create something fun and refreshing for everyone involved. We’ve all been under tremendous stress over the past few years. Shake things up and create something new to stand with long-standing traditions!

This is your life, and it goes by so quickly. Live it to its highest, most soothing, creative, and joyful potential. Plan so the craziness can be averted and find peace in simple moments.

And don’t forget to B-R-E-A-T-H-E.



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