Finding Balance Before It’s Too Late

Remember that day you thought you had everything under control, and it was that very day that it felt like everything went wrong? Yeah, me too.

Finding Balance

When you’ve piled so many things on your plate and those days happen, defeat can be brutal. We’ve all experienced it, which can rock us off our feet. Creating resilience is essential. So too, are compassion and acceptance — both with yourself and with others.

Pausing to say no instead of yes is important in creating positive outcomes and building resilience: a place where setting boundaries for yourself is not selfish but the exact opposite. You can show up and be present instead of being in two places at once (mentally). This is not to say those days crazy won’t happen, but wouldn’t it be nice not to get thrown off your feet when they do?

Creating and respecting boundaries for yourself and those in your life is important. Stress will happen in our lives, but building coping skills, setting boundaries, and planning can make a positive difference.

Let go of the idea that you must do everything yourself. There is nothing wrong in delegating tasks to others; it frees you to better balance your time and helps to avoid the mistakes that happen when you are overburdened. Reach out to someone who might be able to take something off your plate, whether a co-worker or a loved one. And don’t forget, even something as minor as getting take-out or having food delivered from time to time gives you a bit of a break.

Refreshing yourself – filling up your inner ‘cup’ with self-nourishment – can help give you the sustenance to follow through with important tasks. Sometimes even crossing off to-do’s on your list can help keep you balanced. You’ve been meaning to get those boxes of old memories – now is a great time. (Wait, what? With all that I have going on, I should do that? Yes, because it frees your mind of things to do.)

Plan a day of no work and stick to it. No errands, no running around, no bill paying. Create a day that is purely set up to bring you joy. Whether it is a day trip to your favorite park or beach, or watching movies, or reading a book all day, something that brings joy to your inner spirit is a powerful way to rejuvenate yourself.

Pause – breathe – resume.



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