Finding Happiness Amid Chaos



Connections are such an essential part of our lives. Being able to reach out and talk to someone can balance the mind chatter that may show up. It can also offer a sense of relief when it comes to your caregiving, whether you are caring for family or professional. Being responsible for supporting others is a big task, so talking to others can bring a new perspective and perhaps give way for unexpected opportunities.  

Something that may go unnoticed for some is the perspective you give others when you talk to them about what is happening in your life. Truth! I notice this often at our Virtual Caregiving Retreats. Not only do I see the compassion that arises, but there is a shift in the energy of everyone in the group when someone discusses what is happening with them. In a healthy atmosphere, hearing and being heard is powerful, therapeutic, and balancing. 

A renewed perspective gives light to so much that you do with a ray of hope. And when those days of overwhelm happen, try focusing on at least one thing that was good during your day. Was it the hello from a neighbor or hearing the birds chirping when you awoke? Pull your attention back to those moments to help reduce or eliminate the negative energy that may be flowing.  

I found myself in one of those intense days last week where I kept hearing bad news from friends, a busy workday, coupled with a few extremely unpredictable freeway drivers mixed in with being tired, and I could feel myself getting swallowed into the black hole. I remembered listening to the birds chirping outside my window as I woke that morning and brought back that sense of joy through a few deep, long breaths. Did it make it all go away? No. But it did get me from a tilting position to feel more balanced? Yes.  

Acknowledge what is happening and practice being present by bringing your awareness to the moment at hand. Take one thing at a time and stop pressuring yourself to do it all, which ultimately can trickle down to the one you are caring for. And yes, that includes you too. 

Tomorrow is not promised for any of us. What we do with today is one of the most important decisions we make upon rising in the morning. Will you give weight to the appointments that don’t go according to plan or the news from a loved one that is less than what you had hoped for? You just might, understandably. So, throw a lifesaver out and jump in by focusing on the moment at hand or perhaps breathe in that sweet moment that happened earlier.  



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