Mindful, Balanced Living is Obtainable



When someone tells you to just, breathe, is your response, “Oh really? Do you have any idea of what’s going on in my life? I love my job and my family, but the kids are just out for summer, and Mom’s health is declining. I haven’t had time to clean out the back room and get my financial documents together like I planned on at the first of the year. I need my oil changed, have got to get my annual physical set up….breathe? When?!!?” 

We are having a heatwave in the Bay Area, and my to-do list may not include everything I’ve just written about, but trust me, it’s equally full of “weight.”  I had a choice this morning to sleep in a bit or awake predawn when my eyes fluttered open. Another choice to pick up my iPad and begin the trawl through emails or perhaps social media. Instead, I opened all of my windows and doors and sat quietly, listening to the birds chirping and letting my consciousness be in the moment.  

The difference is in the power of this moment and your decision to carve out time for peace when you can. Call it an energetic grounding cord if you will, something that aligns you with inner peace that you can tap into during your day. 

Set your intention throughout the day to pay attention. When events start to rattle you pause, ever so briefly. Then pull your attention back into that early morning moment of grounding and peace. 

Tips to help to create balance: 

  • Journal – writing feelings down gives you a place for revisiting at a later date or simply just releasing what is swirling in your mind. 

  • Wake up early – even 15 minutes of quiet without electronics will impact your day. 

  • Walk – without headphones! allowing your attention to wander upon the moments surrounding you.  

  • Gratitude – throughout your day give thanks for the smallest things that go your way creating a wave of positive energy. 

  • Breathe – a simple deep breath can change the energy of a moment.  

Create a practice of honoring yourself. Find something that works for you and open a path of self-compassion. Repeat over and over and you’ll be able to experience a wave of positive change.  

We are all we have at the end of the day. Be kind. You’re amazing. 



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