Sweet Memories

Mother’s Day brings back sweet memories, and tears often flow, too. Mom always has such a special place in my heart, and I miss those days of watching her sew my Barbie doll clothes and learning the fine art of cutting roses from her in later years. Among many things, she was quite an expert at both! 

I also remember the day we were in a local craft store where we enjoyed visiting and planning our next adventure and hearing her voice differently. Through the aisles, I heard “Cyndi?” in a tone that left me breathless. Like a lightning shock, I realized that we wouldn’t be making these trips together much longer. 

There is a hollowness in my heart, a yearning for what used to be. Death is a part of life, but the void can be painful. As I converse with friends and professionals alike, those feelings are commonly felt on this path we all take in life. 

The little things in our life can make some of the most significant differences, so it is crucial to find ways to be present versus continual multitasking. 

Moms New Rose.jpeg


Pause, and listen to what your loved one is saying. Pause before you respond so that you are coming from the heart, not from exhaustion or anger.

Thoughts worth pondering: 

  • Don’t take each other for granted

  • Choose kindness over being right

  • Remember that small acts of kindness go a long way

This Mother’s Day, take the extra time to let your Mom hear you from a heart space about special moments that mean so much to you. And if your Mom is no longer with you, take a bit of time and enjoy doing one of the things you once enjoyed with her.

Ma ~ I’ll be trimming roses and hearing your voice “…..go down five stems before you cut honey…….”



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