A Season of Light

Those days when running on empty, you may have given a suspicious glance or spoken a hurtful word. Not to cause harm, but reacting from an empty self may have effects that you don’t see. I’m sure we’ve all done it. 

In the spirit of giving throughout this season of light, I encourage you to give to yourself first. Make peace a priority in everything that you do. 


Speak your truth so that it does not harm others, and when you make a mistake, acknowledge it. If you let go of the pedestal of perfection for both you and your loved one, you may well find a gentle peace. 

Your energy affects everyone around you, most notably yourself. If you are in the middle of a day or circumstance that lights you up, walk away. Find a quiet place for a few minutes and practice heart centered breathing. It’s very simple:

  • Close your eyes and rest both of your hands on your chest near your heart

  • Let your attention rest on your heart space

  • Then take in a deep breath through your nose, hold briefly, and exhale through your mouth

  • Repeat this three times and at the end of the third breath, return to normal breathing, keeping your eyes closed and focus on your heart

A quick and easy technique can pull the edge right out of a negative situation and help you rebalance. It may not solve whatever issue was happening, but shifting your energy, what you bring to the situation even to yourself, will make an impact. 

Light your internal flame for balance, and let peace begin with you.



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