Ideas on Creating Emotional Spaces

Emotional boundaries can be tricky to navigate at times, especially when it comes to caring for your loved one. Yes, you want to prevent something from happening and be sure their needs are met, but being able to draw the line of caring and controlling is important. 


Falling into the ‘I know what’s best’ mode when you are trying to protect your loved one from any harm can quickly happen. Of course, their care is of utmost importance, but ultimately, you could be chipping away at their sense of pride and dignity, which may already be compromised. 

Here are a few things to be aware of:

  • Listen to their concerns with an open mind

  • Resist the urge to make judgments

  • Respect their right to privacy and help them maintain a sense of dignity. Things like knocking on a door before entering can make a significant difference

  • Include them in decision making whenever possible

  • Refrain from overreacting. If you need to walk away, do it especially before reacting in anger

  • Don’t assume you know what they are experiencing. Ask and listen empathetically 

Your loved one may be in a vulnerable position, so it is imperative to allow them to know they can speak to you without judgment. In the end, it is the small moments that make a difference and will last in your memory forever. 



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