Spring Cleaning Your Emotions

Spring is upon us, and it’s a great time to freshen up not only our homes but our emotions. There is something cathartic about cleaning; you’re able to scrub away germs and donate things that no longer have a purpose for you. All things easy enough to let go of, for the most part. It shifts the energy when you’ve cleared out clutter and made things fresh. So too, can clearing out emotions that may be stuck, tucked away to deal with another day. 


As a family caregiver when your life is on the go so much, we talk about self-care and the need to get out. Do something that lightens your soul and brings you joy. The importance of emotional time-outs as well cannot be overlooked. You’re being pulled in many different directions and paying attention to what is happening inside of YOU is very important. 

Pent up emotions will affect not only your demeanor through the day, but physically it can take a toll. Continuing to bury your thoughts, desires, hopes, and disappointments can play havoc on your mind, body, and relationships. You may not be able to put your finger on precisely what is at the root core, but not addressing those emotions by taking the time to feel and look at them creates dis-ease.

I like to think that when emotions get triggered, I recognize them soon enough to either journal or talk with someone about them. But we all miss things at times, and something will creep up. 

A week or so ago I got sick with a virus. It’s been a while since I got that ill and though there are colds rampant these days, I take good care of what I do, eat, get exercise, so it was a bit frustrating. Then it dawned on me, that I’ve been feeling a lot of tugs at my heart these past few weeks, as I approach the four year passing of my Mom. It’s not as though I don’t think about her and Dad a lot, I surely do. But for some reason this year it has been much more difficult as the day approaches, and I’ve found myself in gut-wrenching tears. 

Memories, days I wish I could say…”Ma! You’ll never guess what happened today!!” to realize I can’t. Flashbacks to the days that we used to pal around and do things together and sadness of the time just before she passed away. There is a deep hole in my heart and trying to keep going through my days without acknowledging it, was making my immune system weak and more vulnerable than usual.

Life can be full of ‘what if’s’ and ‘if only’s’ but they don’t serve us well. Continuing on our busy days without taking time outs to sit and be with what is happening for us emotionally can trigger negative outcomes, and a reminder of the need to slow down. Its important to take time if not each day but at least through the week to check in to see how we’re really feeling and what’s bubbling up inside. 

I just got back in from a walk in the neighborhood with my boyfriend. Looking at the poppy’s and other spring flowers popping up with sunshine on my face was such a gift. Talking about Mom and how much she enjoyed her gardening, my spirit feels a bit lighter. 

The more that you can take time to nurture your own emotions as well as your health, the more present and focused you can be there for your loved ones. And the gift you give yourself by doing so, priceless.



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