Alternative Ways to Find Peace in Your Caregiving Days

How many of you experience stress? Anxiety? Exhaustion? Suffer from colds? Can’t get to sleep at night? Emotions and their effects are persistent and regardless of where you are on your family caregiving journey, I understand the reasons you don’t want to or neglect dealing with them, but it’s paramount to do so. 

There are many things you can do to help from seeing a therapist or joining other caregivers for support. Something as simple as taking a walk or spending a little time pursuing a hobby that fills your heart can also make a significant difference. But somewhere along the way, additional support can make a wonderful addition. 

A few years ago I was introduced to Young Living Essential Oils through both my chiropractor and massage therapist. They were used to help treat aches and pains and also to help speed up recovery from colds. I remember how I felt walking into their offices with the oils emitted through a diffuser; it was like magic! A sure sign of relief for me so one day I had a more extended conversation with them about the benefits. 


Aromatherapy can be beneficial for both emotional and physical well-being. Used for centuries, essential oils can trigger responses in the brain and are even being used in hospitals worldwide. The can help to clear negative energy, let go of past hurts, clear a sinus cold, and even be a very effective natural household cleaner. 

Though there are many oils available, Young Living has some of the highest standards by putting their products through rigorous testing. I have tried many different oils and have become a true believer in their products. So much so that we’ve decided to add them to the Breathing Spaces website. I had to giggle a bit when I had a conversation with my team about adding the oils, and they said; ‘……..we use them too!’.  

Stress, depression, anxiety, fatigue, grief, happiness, sleeplessness are just a few of the emotions that can be helped through essential oils. As I type, I have an oil on my feet to help drive a cold away and getting ready to put lavender into my diffuser for a peaceful nights……….sleeeeeeeeeppppp. 

Sweet dreams everyone. 



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