What’s Your Game Plan?

This weekend I had the football game playing in the background while doing some work, and when I looked up I thought; they all have a plan. Teams can’t do well in the game without first giving it thought, planning, reviewing plays other organizations are implementing, and practicing the plays over and over again. 


Family caregivers need a game plan, too. Understandably, things arise without notice, but if you have a ‘footprint’ of what can be done not only for your loved one but for yourself, I do believe you’ll both benefit from it. You too may need to practice/adjust as you go along but having a general idea can be helpful. 

Keeping track of things can be an essential part of that game plan for you. For instance, keep a record/journal of things that have happened with your loved one; i.e., ’11/13/18; Mom Started taking vitamin C per doctors orders 1/20/19; Mom started getting a cold today but seemed to bounce back rather quickly. Could be the vitamin C?’

I remember many times I tried thinking back about the last time something happened so that when we went into the doctor, I could be specific on certain events. Trying to ‘remember’ was frustrating. Having a notebook with the information made it so much easier to look back and have things definitively documented made it so much better.  

We talk a lot about self-care for caregivers at Breathing Spaces for a reason. Self-care can reduce burnout and make you more effective as a family caregiver for your loved one. So what if you were to make a self-care game plan for yourself? Set up a routine; yes it may well shift but at least having something in place can keep you on task. 

  • Practice deep breathing in the morning, at lunchtime and before you go to bed

  • Read something positive/inspirational in the morning and before you go to sleep

  • Start a hobby; something that brings you joy like photography, puzzles, crafts…

  • Walk; join us if you can and if not set a time to do so at least once a week (three times a week would be even better!)

  • Sit outside and stare a nature (it’s SO healing!)

Find a game plan that works best for you. But do start something, it’s so healing for you and your loved one. 



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