State of Grace

It took me a long time to start saying ‘thank you’ to myself. During the years of caregiving, working, being a friend, family member, I often looked to others for gratitude. Somehow it gave me validation for what I was doing. It’s nice to hear thank you of course, but being grateful to yourself and acknowledge that you’ve done your best, is one of the greatest gifts you can give not only to yourself but ultimately to others as well. 

I started a practice back then that I continue today; I keep a gratitude journal and every day I write down at least five things that I am grateful for first thing in the morning. It helps set the tone for my day to walk in with grace rather than…oh gosh, today I’ve got to…….”. 

By taking a bit of quiet time to yourself and setting the intention of your day in gratitude, you may well shift the entire outcome. Your energy creates more energy, so the more you can stay in a state of grace, even amidst the strongest waves of negativity, the more power you have to change the results or at least the energy within yourself.  

Throughout the day, be aware of your emotions. Stop and pause before reacting and remember those things that you are grateful for. They are a crucial part of keeping your sanity, especially during rough times.  I know this isn’t always easy, we all have those days that feel upside down.  But if you can shift your focus, your day may just get a little bit brighter when you need it most. 


Try being kind and gentle to yourself even in the toughest times and support that through a practice of gratitude. It’s not a magic wand, but I do believe you will feel the difference. 

“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” ~ Dalai Lama

Warm wishes for a peaceful Thanksgiving. 



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