If Only I Could Find a Way Through 

When my life gets on overload (raise your hands with me on how many of you find yourself in that position), my brain seems to disappear. I have a thought, and in a blink, something else comes up, and I race to find the idea I had because it disappeared so quickly. Blink. Gone. It can be SO exhausting. 

So I’ve found that using simple meditation techniques (much like the ones we offer for family caregivers) can help to pull me out of the stress, pull me back into the ‘present’ moment and out of the frustration. I use them in so many situations, and it helps me out a lot. What tends to happen if you forget something; you start getting riled up about why; “If only so much weren’t going on, if only I had time to myself…” …..etc….etc….etc….then you’re putting up a mental block. The techniques really can brush those away, and I find they help with peace of mind and clarity. And at times that idea pops right back in. 

There are other ways to keep track of things that come up that I use as well. I tend to stay away from electronic devices as much as possible. My job is spent communicating, writing, talking, researching so I spend a lot of time on them. So even though I can make notes on my phone there is something clear and decisive about a list, on paper. You’re able to cross things off and can easily jot them down without getting pulled in another direction. So when I’m in the middle of something, and a thought pops up, I write it down quickly and go back to the task at hand. 


It can be as simple as me writing this blog, I remember I need to pick up oranges (why my brain goes there in the middle of this is beyond me, but it happens) so I turn and write it down and poof! I’m not taken off track, and I’m still typing away. Quite happily. 

Your life as a family caregiver is full, really full. Some days better than others. So it’s the little things you can do to help alleviate some of the stress and do believe an overall sense of calm help our bodies overall. 

Step away…..pick up a pen…..and make notes. 




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