Too busy?

How many of you have gone through your days, thought about calling a friend, going for a walk, taking a few minutes for YOU and said…..’I’m too busy. I’ll do it tomorrow.” Raise your hands….(mine is up by the way ;-)). 

Here’s what happens. You keep stockpiling the ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ thoughts to the point that your cluttered mind gets even more cluttered. You become more inundated with thoughts of ‘what was I going to do?’ and your days get busier and your energy more scattered. 

This article speaks directly to 3 of the things that I’ve done that have made a significant impact on my life; How To Teach Yourself To Stop Worrying So Much


Here are ways that I have adapted them into my life;

  • Write things down in a notepad for your to-do’s and cross them out when you finish each task. Keep a separate journal for thoughts you may be having and information for your loved one so that it is easily accessible. The ‘One Moment at a Time’ family caregiving journal on our website was inspired by my time as a family caregiver and how it was able to help me.

  • Meditate. That doesn’t mean you need to take an hour in your morning to do so. There are simple, effective techniques that you can do that will make a significant difference in your day. We are partnering with a trusted source to be offering those to you soon on the Breathing Spaces website. Stay tuned; they’ll change your life!

  • Exercise. Yep, I said it out loud. Whether you walk around the block, find a local fitness class or join us on our Saturday bi-monthly walks, please take time to do this for yourself. There were many days as a family caregiver that I did either a walk with a group or by myself and that short amount of time would make a huge difference for me.

Your health and well being is paramount not only for yourself but the support of your loved one. Whether near or far, current or former caregiver, you’re still experiencing the effects stress can weigh on you. Take time out for YOU, the changes you see will be the most significant gift you can give yourself. 

Be well….




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