Wipe the Slate Clean

Question; What is the first thing that you do in the morning? I’m not talking about brushing your teeth and getting coffee. What is the first thing that pops up in your mind? Do you race through what you have to do that day? Re-trace the merry-go-round of things that you didn’t get to do yesterday?

We have pretty amazing minds and ways of manifesting things in our life. The mind-body connection is powerful. What you do in the instant you awake can set the intention for the day. Whether it’s making a positive affirmation; “I’m going to take one moment at a time today and take time to breathe.” Or, put your feet out the front door and take a walk around the block thinking of nothing but breathing in the air and listening to the birds chirping, I encourage you to start a new habit of doing so. 

This article by Deepak Chopra gives some great insights into things that you can do No Regrets: 10 Ways to Start Each Day with a Clean Slate

I realize that as a family caregiver….ok, I know as a family caregiver, that you can’t do all of these. But perhaps, just maybe, if you can incorporate rate a few of them into your routine you might find a bit of ‘air’. I like this one “Nature is like a natural reset button on your brain.” So true y’all…..so very true. 

Get outside…and breathe. You deserve it. 

Be well,


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