Making Memories

Every day a new experience happens. Some good, some bad and some appear to be status quo. What I have learned in my life is that in a blink, time goes by. And in a blink, those times that ‘could have been’ are gone. Every moment that we have is truly a gift if we would just take the time to notice. 

I think back to a diary I had as a young girl. I can still see the white cover and lock it had on it, even the tiny key to keep it safe. But I can’t see the writing inside, and I so wish that I could. To have those memories would be priceless. 

Today I look inside of my cabinet and see ten different journals that I ‘started’ because they were shiny and new. But the one that was filled from beginning to end is the plain white notebook I wrote in during my Mom’s last days. From the emergency room to what would be her last hospital stay I kept track of every detail from the doctor’s, home-care and then finally hospice. And woven in-between are journal notes with my thoughts and feelings as well as Moms. It is not always easy to go back through, but I am eternally grateful that I have those notes. Precious. 

That’s why I published the One Moment at a Time family caregiving journal that is available on the Breathing Spaces website. I know that the days of being a family caregiver can be difficult, so I’ve filled it with beautiful photos and inspiration along with important information tracking pages that will be valuable for you to have easy access to all in one place.

Making memories with your loved one is something that you will both be able to treasure. I found the article 7 Ways to Strengthen Relationships and Create Lasting Memories that has simple ideas that I believe you will be grateful that you’ve done. 

Whatever you do, don’t lose that ‘small white diary’ filled with precious memories. And remember that every moment is a gift. Take time to breathe and enjoy them. 

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