Simple Acts of Kindness

 Mendocino is such a peaceful location filled with awe around every corner, such a beautiful ‘breathing space.’  I met such nice people while I was there last year, and one woman, in particular, touched me with her spirit and story. Melody was taking care of the Inn that I stayed at and shared her story of family caregiving to my friend and I the day we left. She and her family moved their Mom into a caregiving facility which as many of you know can sometimes be a difficult thing to do. Are you doing the right thing, the right place, will they take good care. Fortunately, even with Dementia, her Mom seems to be making the transition well. 

While going through her Mom’s address book, Melody realized that there were many people in her Mom’s life that might want to know that she had moved, and in general what was happening for her. Melody decided to compose a letter and send it off to all of her Mom’s friends and lo and behold what they received in return was a wonderful sweet surprise. 

Letters began pouring in from friends near and far grateful to know where her Mom was and how she was doing, much more that Melody ever imagined. They sent stories of how they used to make apple pies together as well as various other moments and memories of times gone by. Some would even send gifts along; the stories were heartfelt which brought great joy to Melody and surely her Mom. It was a testament to the human spirit. With Dementia, Melody’s Mom forgets about the letters so Melody has been able to read them to her again and again and each time see her Mom’s heart beam with love and happiness. 

This sweet woman took the time to reach out with a simple act, and the return has been a pot of gold. Simple acts of kindness create ripples in the world. I know many of you do so each day, so please give yourself a big hug.

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